The Earl Shilton Social Institute

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Room Hire

Room Hire

Here at the Stute we have amazing rooms available for hire at great prices!

We have rooms suitable for meetings, craft clubs, sports events and many more, rates for these rooms are as follows:

Sports Gym:  1st hour £12.20 and then £8.10 for subsequent hours.  The gym is a large room which currently holds exercise classes,  Jujisu and more, so this room is suitable for many physical activities.

Front Down Stairs room:  1st hour £7.90 and then subsequent hours £4.90.  This is a great room for meetings.

This room also has a HDTV with USB sockets, which is great for presentations etc.  Also has a Playstation 3 attached for members to use.

Second meeting room:  First hour £7.90 then £4.90 for subsequent hours.

Downstairs Lounge and 2nd meeting room:

1st hour £11.60 and then £6.30 for subsequent hours.  These rooms are comfortable and contemporary, perfect for meetings with the large table and chairs, and also the comfortable lounge.  Please see the images of these two great rooms.