Good News!

Great news if you haven’t already heard, after applying for several grants and competitions we have managed to secure funding to replace the roof, Hoorah!

On the second attempt we got funding through Inspired Facilities, this is in relation to the sports and physical activities that take place in the building as well as a host of other activities. We also have funding from both Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council the Town Council so at last the work has started.

The Committee of just 5 people would like to thank everyone for their support in the Jewson Competition, this support means a lot to us to know that you care. We had a stall in Earl Shilton one morning, articles in the Hinckley Times and The Flyer as well as mentions on Streetlife, The Stute Facebook Page and our website . It all added up to getting us up there with lots of votes to be in with a chance. Not forgetting the best wishes of the people who would have voted for us if they had the capacity to do so.

Thanks to the groups that supplied children for press photos and photographers too, it really was an all round Stute effort and we did very well. We made it to the final and were being considered for the main £50,000 prize along with other groups around the country. In the meantime we got the definite offer of £44,000 from Inspired Facilities, it was a tricky situation but we decided that it was better to go with the definite £44,000 than risk going for the £50,000 and missing out. I can hear you shouting why not both- well we couldn’t - neither organisation would fund something that already has funding, we could have got both and lost both!

So you may have noticed the scaffolding is up and the tiles are coming off. The roof work is expected to take approx. 6 weeks. The damaged interior on the first floor will be attended to in due course.

We do have to put between £5,000 and £7,000 towards the work as the grants fall short by this amount. We do have some savings but it would be really helpful if you, our friends and supporters could help by donating or raising a few quid.